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Since 1984, Las Vegas-based FlightLine Films has been providing aerospace, live television and motion picture producers with the highest quality in aerial cinematography services, and the company has pioneered visual documentation services for the privatization of space travel advances in the 21st century.

Flightline offers zero-gravity qualified crews and HD cameras for use in the cold vacuum of space, as well housings that allow even traditional cameras to operate in that hostile environment.

Flightline is designing and building the camera systems to document the Red Bull Stratos mission from multiple perspectives, with mounts on a ground-based tracker, in an airborne tracking system, in the capsule, and on Felix Baumgartner’s pressure suit.



JLAIR Ground Trackers

Ground based tracking using JLAIR self contained Mobile Optical Units.

Traditional documentary crews for interviews, B-roll, and other components required for program production.

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FlightLine Films Air Opperations

Helicopter based systems include Gyron, Cineflex, Wescam and Eclipse camera mounts.

Fixed wing mounts such as Lear Jet based Vectorvision. Temporary recording systems for military aircraft.

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FlightLine Films Space Camera

Internally and Externally mounted HD cameras and transmitters for sub-orbital spacecraft.

Crews experienced with working in zero gravity.

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Long Range Camera System Captures First-Ever Rocket Booster to Space and Back
blue origin new sheppard flight line films

Dec. 29, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

On November 23, two proprietary JLAIR long range optical tracking systems owned and operated by FlightLine Films successfully recorded the first time a rocket booster flew to space and returned for a vertical landing back on Earth. Blue Origin launched its New Shepard space vehicle to an altitude of 329,839 feet and FlightLine Films was hired to capture the entire ascent, separation and then landing of both the crew capsule and booster.

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Head-to-Head Wingsuit 4-Cross Racing - Red Bull Aces 2015
red bull aces

October 24, 2015 - Northern, CA

Red Bull Aces Finals today! The World's first Four Cross Wingsuit Race. Moving Images by FlightLine Films. Airborne Images. Replay XD. Red Bull Media House

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Cal State L.A. Aerospace STE[A]M Fair 2014
Space Tech Expo Jay Nemeth

Oct. 14, 15 & 16, 2014 - Cal State Los Angeles, CA

Join FlightLine Films and the JLAIR team, at Cal State L.A. in mid October. Flightline Films will be offering students the opportunity to experience hands-on operation of the JLAIR - FlightLine's mobile long range tracker. Students will be able to see real-world applications of skills that are not only used in the space industry, but have created off-shoot industries by pioneers with a vision. In addition, there will be multiple presentations by a variety of speakers in different areas of physics, aerospace, biology, engineering, math and arts.



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