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* Blue Origin New Shepard 19 Launch: Onboard Cameras Long Range Optics Pad Cameras Live Webcast

FlightLine Films is an innovation design studio focused on custom aerospace imaging solutions and long range tracking systems.

For more than two decades, FlightLine has been responsible for integrating at least some portion of the imaging and transmission systems for some of the most significant private space voyages in our history. With 20 sub-orbitals, 10 orbitals, one trip to Mars and a dozen distance flights, FlightLine has established itself a leader in aerospace imaging.

Our Mission is to continually evolve, improve, integrate imaging, data collection and transmission systems for the aerospace industry and military applications. Providing communications from virtually anywhere to anywhere.

Since 2009, Founder Jay Nemeth and FlightLine Films have been called to innovate around a wide range of aerospace imaging challenges including advancements in sensor technologies, communication systems, cameras, casings, mountings and long-range live video tracking and transmission capabilities.

Trusted to capture and record some of the most important advancements in space exploration, by the leaders in space exploration, FlightLine Films is known for the missions we have crewed and the shots we have achieved.

Our passion for high resolution includes 8k production and processing. Call us when you are ready to take your resolution to the next level.

8K 60P & 360VR Live Broadcast Truck

FlightLine Film’s 53-foot OB truck can simultaneously produce a show in 8K 60P & 360VR. Imagine the possibilities we have, which is why we built this truck. Rocket launches, Concerts, Live events, You dream it up, we’ll take it from there.
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Long-Range Optical Tracking

FlightLine Films is the industry leader in long-range optical tracking. With two custom-built, fully-crewed JLAIRs in our arsenal, we bring serious firepower to any launch, landing and beyond.
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Space-Rated Camera Systems

Shooting in, or even near space, is full of challenges uncommon to typical video production. It takes science...and patience…to get it right. For nearly a decade, FlightLine Films has been designing and building and testing and testing and testing space-rated camera systems uniquely prepared to perform, in the unforgiving conditions of space. Oh and we know how to compose a dynamic shot, because we’re cinematographers too!
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Outside Broadcast Production

Long-Range Optical Tracking

Long-Range Video Transmission

Space-Rated Camera Systems

We do not realize what we have on Earth until we leave it.

— Jim Lovell

[US Astronaut, Naval Aviator & Mechanical Engineer]
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Recent Projects

May 19, 2022
Kennedy Space Center

Starliner OFT-2 Long-Range Tracking

FlightLine Films' JLAIR 3, long-range optical tracking system, sucessfully captures the launch and SRB separation of Boeing’s newest spacecraft, the CST-100 Starliner. Starliner is the latest addition to NASA’s Commercial Crew Program providing access to the International Space Station as well as supporting other Low-Earth-Orbit missions.


March 31, 2022
Launch Site One, West TX

New Shepard Mission 20

Blue Origin's fourth human spaceflight

  • Live Webcast
  • Launch Pad / Landing Pad Cameras
  • Aerial Cameras
  • Long Range Optical Tracking
  • 53’ OB Truck
  • Bonded Cellular


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