Space-Rated Camera Systems

space rated camera systems
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Internally and Externally mounted HD cameras and transmitters for sub-orbital spacecraft.

Crews experienced with working in zero gravity.

Let us document your next launch. Especially during the testing phases, you desire as much visual data as possible to evaluate vehicle design and performance. The higher the quality of these images, the more useful this data is.

We can provide:

  • Multiple cameras in cockpit and cabin to relay back physiological condition of crew as well as record of flight.
  • Multiple cameras attached to external surface of vehicle for situational awareness of vehicle components.
  • Multiple cameras attached to pressure or space suits to document EVA activities.
  • Multiple long lens ground based tracking cameras to capture launch and ascent of vehicle to extremely high altitudes.
  • Airborne camera platforms up to 60,000 feet to capture vehicle ascent or descent.
  • Integrated systems to route these images to a central location such as Mission Control or an airborne command center.
  • Airborne microwave relay systems.
  • Crews with zero gravity experience
  • Custom made Space Qualified Electronics Housings.
  • Self contained Space-Rated HD video electronics systems.
  • Custom designed Space-Rated camera housings for Motion Picture, 4K, HD and digital still cameras.
  • Lightweight Space-Qualified LED lighting arrays.

Services Include:

  • Design and fabrication of pressure vessels for cameras, recorders, and transmitters.
  • Flight-rated battery systems Schematics and block diagrams for your particular installation
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    nitrogen camera housings
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