Long Range Optical Tracking

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Ground based tracking using JLAIR self contained Mobile Optical Units.

JLAIR (Joint Launch vehicle & Aircraft Imaging in Real-time)

The JLAIRs One, Two & Three Optical Tracking Systems offer our clients capabilities not previously available to civilians or Production Companies. Each carries a variety of high-power zoom lenses and large telescopes attached to 8000 pound motorized pedestals, which were previously used to track the Space Shuttle launches. The imagers used with the tracking system include HD video, High Speed 4K, Shortwave Infrared, and Digital Still cameras. The system can easily be set up for 35mm motion picture cameras including the Arri 435, or 65 and 70mm cameras including IMAX. The JLAIR control rooms allow technicians to select the best images available, and transmit them in real-time to Mission Control and/or broadcast viewers. The trackers are well suited for tracking high performance aircraft, as well as missile and manned launch vehicles.

JLAIR One is the first fully integrated tracking system on one vehicle chassis that includes 1000 pound optics payload, air conditioned control room, on board generator for tracker and sub-systems, and Encoding & Satellite transmission of HD video. Unlike traditional Optical Trackers, which are trailer mounted, towed to location and require a towed generator & separate control room; JLAIR One travels quickly via highways and is easily deployed anywhere needed in hours.

JLAIRs Two & Three are trailer mounted Optical Trackers that offer 360 degree viewing capability, can be located in small spaces, and gives clients a more affordable alternative to simple shoots, or missions that don’t require sophisticated multi-channel recording, or video transmission.

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